DI Why?!?

(See what I did there?)

Many people have been kind enough to inquire about how wedding planning has been going. As to whether or not they actually care, I’m not sure – I really do appreciate the sentiment, though! I usually respond with something along the lines of how it’s going well, although it’s a little stressful since so much of the wedding is DIY. “Well, how much are you making, exactly?” they’ll sometimes ask. So, here, for the record, is what we’re planning to make ourselves, with our relatives and friends stepping up in a huge way to help:

  • Wedding invitations (check!)
  • Cakes
  • My veil (Amanda is doing this one on her own)
  • My wedding shawl
  • My hair and makeup
  • All decorations
    • Centerpieces
    • Various table displays
    • Placecards at dinner
    • Hanging decorations for picnic
      • Garlands
      • Wooden signs
  • Flowers
  • Homemade beverages
  • Favor bags and favors (haven’t finalized this yet but will probably be some sort of baked good)
  • Guestbook
  • Out-of-town guest bags
  • Fabric cocktail napkins and napkin rings
  • Photo booth
  • Thank you notes (which T’s mom has already made – and they are perfect)

Yes. I fully realize that I am quite possibly batshit insane. But, hear me out! A lot – and I mean a LOT – of people are helping. They don’t seem to mind it, and I’m convinced that the communal feel of it all is actually perfect for this particular wedding. I really do believe that it will make our day all the more special!

Here’s a sneak peek at our handmade napkins, which T can knock out with impressive speed:


She’s Crafty

When you’re planning a mostly DIY wedding, it helps that your future mother-in-law is one of the craftiest people you know.

This is Susie, Thomas’ mom. She is amazingly creative and crazy talented at all things arts and crafts. Show her a beautiful yet overpriced wedding-related item (ahem, I am talking to you, BHLDN) – she’ll just take one glance at it, then say without hesitation, “Oh yeah, I can totally do that.”

She is awesome.

Thomas’ parents invited us over to their lovely home in Toms Brook for an afternoon of wedding craft making. This was just the first of what I’m sure will be several this summer, and it was quite productive – we designed and made a rubber stamp, sewed fabric pennants, dyed tablecloths, folded origami, and cut out a sample book vase (for the centerpieces).

Susie brought up something in one of our conversations today, that I had not yet thought about. She told me that she loves the emphasis on DIY for the wedding – and not just because it will save us money, or even that it will allow us to be really creative. But that it’s an excuse for our family and friends to gather well before the wedding and bond by rolling up our sleeves a bit and getting to work. Sure, it’s not the easiest and fastest way to do things. But it’s fun! And I imagine how great it must feel to see the fruits of our labor on our actual wedding day.

Using a sewing machine for the first time since seventh grade home ec = the bomb diggity.

This is Lucy, Susie and Herb’s geriatric lab mix. She’s deaf, loud, slow moving, and hates to go outside. She’s a sweet little thing.

Surprise! A neighbor caught one of the groundhogs that have been terrorizing their gardens, right before we went into the yard for a bit to dye the tablecloths. Groundhogs are a little bit creepy, but kind of cute, yes?

We’ll be back in Toms Brook soon for another day of crafts. I hear there’s going to be a band saw involved.