The Route

2 adults. 1 dog. 1 cat. 1 Subaru Impreza. 5 cities. 6 days. 3,888 miles.

We leave in late November, which is why we’re taking the long way through parts of the south and southwest. I worry about driving through blizzards and the like, so I think it’s better to play it safe through warmer climes. I also wish that we could make this a more leisurely road trip (honeymoon!), but our darling pets will be with us. It wouldn’t be so bad with just Wallace, but little Neko will be very, very freaked out. I think it will be wise to get to Seattle as quickly as possible.

Obviously, all our furniture and other crap won’t fit in the Subaru. We’re planning on packing up a storage unit and hiring someone to drive it across the country. This makes me nervous (I am just a nervous person, can you tell?), but I feel much better about that than driving a big ass truck ourselves.