• I started training my replacement today and can I just say that I feel like the clouds have parted and the angels have sung – because she is 100% awesome. I feel so much less stressed now. Not that I ever thought she wasn’t going to do a great job (I was part of her interview team and loved her!), but because I had placed a lot of pressure on myself to train her perfectly. Training was certainly beyond perfect today, but you know what? She’ll be fine. She’s intelligent and seems like a very fast learner. These next three days will not be so bad after all.
  • Leaving my job Friday will be the first time in my adult life that I am not working full-time. Even between jobs, I’ve always quit on a Friday and started my new position that Monday. It’s going to be extremely strange. I’ll need to think about how to structure my days so I don’t end up going completely batty or sleeping the day away.
  • I won a drawing at my favorite coffeeshop, Buzz Bakery in Ballston! The prize: fresh pastries and a box of hot coffee to bring to work. I told them that I didn’t have a job after Friday – would it still be okay to enter the drawing? They assured me it was fine. I can even eat all the pastries myself (and drink all the coffee? vomit) and they would never tell anyone. Amazing. I’m thinking this will be fun to surprise my co-workers with on Thursday.
  • I started knitting this for myself in a gorgeous buttercup-like shade of yellow, and I really wish I hadn’t – because now all I want to do is work on it. I’m not even done with my orange wedding shawl yet. Eeks!
  • This! Book! Came! Out! Today! I WANT TO READ IT SO BAAAD.

Day Off

Slept until noon. (I know, I know.) Fought off bad waves of nausea for a while. Almost skipped doctor’s appointment because of nausea, but didn’t. Visited Target because one can never have too many Sterilite containers for one’s yarn. Cleaned kitchen. Got my hair cut for free, thanks to my lovely stylist who wanted to give me a wedding gift.* Dined on Thai food outside in perfect weather. Ate mediocre coffee frozen yogurt with too many candy toppings. Watched The Guard and mostly enjoyed it.

Four more days of work and then I’m done.

*I see Paul at PR at Partners in Shirlington. He is the BEST.

Fall Weekend

Crafty Bastards in the rain.

Flash mob in Dupont Circle.

Washington Ballet Company

Ouch. That would be Hannah from Urban Artistry.

Here’s Thomas dancin’ it up before the music died (and never came back – speakers kept blowing out):

Lauren’s 30th birthday.

I made vegan vanilla cupcakes!

Taneshia running the Woodrow Wilson Half Marathon.

Bad photo, but that really is her!

And while we were in south Alexandria, we had an obligation to stop at the most amazing place on earth.

Nothing like hot! donuts! after watching other people run a half marathon.

Not pictured: Bodypump with my awesome pal Chase, yummy lunch at Fireworks, and MOAR CRAFTZ with Amanda. Woo! Tired and not at all ready for my second to last week of work, but I’ll just have to buckle down. More fun coming up next weekend!

Goodbye Summer

How was everyone’s weekend? We fared very well out here – no trees fell on our car and no power outages. I know that other parts of the east coast were not so lucky, eek!

It’s the last week of summer and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Yes, call me a spoilsport but I am not a fan of summer. I don’t enjoy stepping outside for a minute and immediately turning into a giant, insect-attracting sweatball. I detest shorts and tank tops and having to shave my legs. I intensely dislike having to crank my space heater at work because the AC is turned up so high that sweaters don’t even help. I cannot deal with my cat and dog going crazy at 5 am because it’s already light out.

(Just so I don’t appear to be a complete killjoy, I do like these things about summer: delicious fruits, dresses and skirts, flip-flops, ice cream being acceptable every day – right? – and breezy nights.)

It’s the fall that I love, love, love. Autumn is, by far, my favorite season of the year. The second T and I started seriously discussing getting married, the only thing running through my head was “fall wedding, fall wedding, fall wedding.” That’s normal, is it not? No? Well, it’s fine. I have my reasons for loving this season so  much. Some are fairly typical, and some are not.

  • The clothes. Jeans, thin sweaters, scarves, skirts/dresses with tights, boots. Incidentally, dressing this way will always remind me of our incredible 3-week jaunt around France in October 2005, and observing French women and their wardrobe choices very closely.
  •  Mehhhhhhh-mor-iiiiiiieeees. Walking around on a crisp autumn day will always, always take me back to my first days at William and Mary. Brick walkways covered with orange and yellow leaves, scent of burning wood in the air, days getting shorter and cooler, the promise of a new academic year. I think this is why fall always feels like a fresh start to me.
  • My family moved to the USA in late August/early September, so my first ever truly American experiences took place in the fall. Apple picking. Hayrides. Trips to Skyline Drive to view the foliage. Leaf raking. Trick or treating. We didn’t do these things in the Philippines.
  • Pumpkin. BRB, off to gorge myself on pumpkin anything for the next three months (pie, muffins, ice cream, cake, cheesecake, lattes, bread, cupcakes… wait, where was I).

This fall, in particular, is going to be slightly crazy, but I aim to still enjoy myself. I’ve been putting together a last-minute DC bucket list, which I’ll share tomorrow.