Photo Dump: Random from the Last Week and a Half

I’ve been forgetting to take photos daily, but here are a few from the last week or so. I’ll try to be better!

New yellow kettle! From the lovely Christine and Ken.

Juicy Oozers. Yum?

My hottie friends on opening weekend of Harry Potter. 3-D at the Uptown, what what.

My future father-in-law made cherry pie. And oh lawdy in heaven. It was to die for.

The shawlette is coming along nicely!

Erin and sweet baby Derek, not even 24 hours old! I can't believe Suzie is a mama.

This is apparently now a cat picture blog?


Photo Dump: Week of July 7th

In which I try to take a photo every day with my phone. The Android app I use is called Vignette.

7.7.11: Marta loves coffee!

7.8.11: Two of my very favorite ladies

7.9.11: Rockies @ Nationals. Of course, the Nats lost.

7.10.11: The best pizza in the universe: the Filletto at Pizzeria Orso

7.11.11: Bodystep launch at Gold's Gym, South Arlington

7.12.11: This was waiting for us when we came home.

7.13.11: Okay, another cat picture, and a bad one at that. But she is a huge fan of my knitting.

Photo Dump: Week of June 30th

Lately, I’ve been taking at least one photo with my phone each day. I’ve been really into this since I downloaded the awesome Android app, Vignette. (I’ve tried them all, and I really think Vignette is the best.) Yeah, I know the whole distressed, vintage looking photo thing is super trendy right now. But I can’t help it. I love, love, love how these photos turn out!

6.30.11: My boss received a gorgeous hydrangea plant.

7.1.11: Amanda and her new bike! Awesome fact - she got the very same one as me. Bike twins!

7.2.11: Stacy, Sophie, and Dave. Sophie is two now, and a bundle of energy!

7.2.11: Brown butter waffles. Seriously the best thing ever. I was going to take a picture of the cooked waffles, but I ate them too quickly.

7.4.11: Iwo Jima

7.5.11: Work baby shower for Suzie!

7.6.11: Baby hat! I'm not usually a fan of WACKY colored yarns like this one, but knitting this delights me to no end.

I’m going to try to do this each week. Nothing like a lazy, easy way to create a post!