Crazy Pet Lady: New Kitty House

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a little nervous about how our five and a half year old tortoiseshell cat, Neko, is going to act on our cross country road trip. I’m guessing she will probably not fare well. Thankfully, our wonderful vet, Dr. Sunny House, is all about drugging her. I am okay with that.

We registered for a new carrier, since the plastic one we originally bought for her is much too small now. I chose a soft one, since I’d like her to be as comfortable as possible during the 10-12 hour days on the road.

Our friend Carly was nice enough to buy the carrier for us (plus a new dog bed for Wallace!). I took it out of its packaging and set it down on the couch. Within five seconds, I kid you not, Neko had already sidled up to it and was sniffing it. I left the living room, and 30 seconds later, she had already settled into the carrier.

Neko has the ability to find anything – the littlest thing – out of the ordinary in the apartment, and very quickly. If it’s new and interesting, she will go out of her way to screw with it. I guess that’s what happens when you spend all day, every day getting to know the same 800 square feet. She, like most cats, also LOVES bags. Loves clawing at them, crawling into them, snuggling up inside them. One night a few months ago, we could not find her ANYWHERE in the apartment, even after checking her favorite hiding spots. There aren’t that many, really, because it’s such a small space. Imagine my growing terror the more and more we called for her, and she wouldn’t come out, despite shaking her beloved treat bag multiple times. This is very unusual for her – she is not at all a hidey cat, especially when you offer her food. I was just about to get the flashlight out so we could hunt for her outside, with panicked tears in my eyes (our indoor cat would die IMMEDIATELY upon setting foot outdoors, I know it) – when she sauntered casually out of our bedroom closet. I checked in there at least ten times and could not figure out how I missed her each time. Turns out that I left my big suitcase unzipped, and she had managed to squeeze her large body into it. Argh!


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