Not Happening

Okay, so it seemed like a good idea at the time, but I’m finding out that maybe doing NaBloPoMo the month I’m undertaking two major life changes is kind of dumb. So, I give up. For now. I’ll try to check in before the wedding, but if not – see you in a week!



  • I started training my replacement today and can I just say that I feel like the clouds have parted and the angels have sung – because she is 100% awesome. I feel so much less stressed now. Not that I ever thought she wasn’t going to do a great job (I was part of her interview team and loved her!), but because I had placed a lot of pressure on myself to train her perfectly. Training was certainly beyond perfect today, but you know what? She’ll be fine. She’s intelligent and seems like a very fast learner. These next three days will not be so bad after all.
  • Leaving my job Friday will be the first time in my adult life that I am not working full-time. Even between jobs, I’ve always quit on a Friday and started my new position that Monday. It’s going to be extremely strange. I’ll need to think about how to structure my days so I don’t end up going completely batty or sleeping the day away.
  • I won a drawing at my favorite coffeeshop, Buzz Bakery in Ballston! The prize: fresh pastries and a box of hot coffee to bring to work. I told them that I didn’t have a job after Friday – would it still be okay to enter the drawing? They assured me it was fine. I can even eat all the pastries myself (and drink all the coffee? vomit) and they would never tell anyone. Amazing. I’m thinking this will be fun to surprise my co-workers with on Thursday.
  • I started knitting this for myself in a gorgeous buttercup-like shade of yellow, and I really wish I hadn’t – because now all I want to do is work on it. I’m not even done with my orange wedding shawl yet. Eeks!
  • This! Book! Came! Out! Today! I WANT TO READ IT SO BAAAD.

Day Off

Slept until noon. (I know, I know.) Fought off bad waves of nausea for a while. Almost skipped doctor’s appointment because of nausea, but didn’t. Visited Target because one can never have too many Sterilite containers for one’s yarn. Cleaned kitchen. Got my hair cut for free, thanks to my lovely stylist who wanted to give me a wedding gift.* Dined on Thai food outside in perfect weather. Ate mediocre coffee frozen yogurt with too many candy toppings. Watched The Guard and mostly enjoyed it.

Four more days of work and then I’m done.

*I see Paul at PR at Partners in Shirlington. He is the BEST.

Very Important Questions

I spent time with close girlfriends this weekend and had the most delightful time. One of the things they surprised me with was a newlywed game type quiz. If you’re not familiar with the game, your significant other answers a bunch of questions about themselves/you/your relationship in private beforehand, and then you get asked these same questions. You get a point if you answer similarly.

Here are our questions (written by the lovely Doris!):

  1. What is Thomas’ favorite date with you? His answer: “Well, it’s got to be the first one, doesn’t it? Mention ‘laundry.'” I got this right! And, the laundry thing: basically, to this day, I still give him a hard time because in our earliest weeks, doing laundry was his excuse to end our dates super early (including our first one). This freaked me out and made me think he wasn’t into me – because who does so much laundry? Well, it turns out he actually DID have to do all that laundry (and having lived with the man for over five years, I can confirm this), and yes, he did still like me.
  2. What word would Thomas use to describe you? His answer: “Adorable.” After a hint, I got this right!
  3. If Thomas had to wear only one color of clothing for the rest of his life, what color would he pick? His answer: “Black.” This was easy. What color would Thomas think you would wear? His answer: “Tan? Maybe?” Ha! Typical boy answer. And totally wrong.
  4. What restaurant will Thomas miss most from the DC/Northern VA area? His answer: “Any of the decent Ethiopian joints.” I actually guessed both Ethiopian and Vietnamese food, in a general sense, although I should have just gone with Ethiopian. There are lots of great Asian restaurants in Seattle!
  5. If Thomas had to pick a different name for Wallace, what would he name him? His answer: “Sparky.” Wrong. I had no idea.
  6. Who would Thomas rather meet: Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, or Leonardo Da Vinci? His answer: “Lincoln, I’d say.” Wrong. I said Einstein.
  7. If Thomas had to eat only one thing that you cook/bake for 30 days, what would it be? His answer: “Avocado ice cream.” I answered avocado ice cream and German chocolate cake – so, correct!
  8. What does Thomas think you would like better: caterpillars or slugs? His answer: “Caterpillars.” Correct. Slugs are vile.
  9. Does Thomas think you would eat a dead fried cockroach for one million dollars? His answer:  “She wouldn’t.” Actually, I would! I mean, I certainly wouldn’t enjoy it, but if it’s fried up and greasy, I’d do it for a million bucks. Would Thomas? His answer: “It would depend on how I got to cook it.” I think I said that he would eat a cockroach for that much money, despite his intense bug phobia. I did ask him about the weird way he answered the question (since it specifically states that the roach would be fried), and he said that he missed that part. Oops. If he’d actually read that, he would have said I’d eat it too.
  10. If Thomas had to adopt another pet, which one would he pick: a poodle or a bulldog? Which one would you pick? His answer: “I think we’d both go with a poodle, but those are kind of wide breed families. Like, can we pick a French bulldog?” Oh Thomas and your crazy conditional answers. I got this wrong – I picked a bulldog. Small dogs aren’t our favorites, and I was thinking of toy poodles, not standard poodles – which we do like. He would never want to own a bulldog because they gots lots of health problems.
  11. What is Thomas’ favorite book? His answer: Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail of ’72.I was wrong – I picked Perdido Street Station by China Mieville – but apparently he was thinking of naming that one too.
  12. What is his favorite movie? His answer: “These days I don’t know, but it used to be Army of Darkness.” I did get this one, but only after many hints.
  13. Favorite video gaming system? His answer: “PC.” Boo! I guessed Super Nintendo or Nintendo DS. None of us liked his answer, though, since we didn’t think a PC actually counts as a video gaming system.
  14. What is one of Thomas’ favorite memories from a trip taken with you? His answer: “Man, there’s so many. I’m always amused when I remember doing our laundry in the red light district of Nice in France, and getting stuck in a conversation with this guy who was a cook for cruise lines for a living. I’m sure there are better stories, but it’s early.” Aww, I had forgotten all about this. I got as far as France, but couldn’t think of specific memories from that trip.
  15. If Thomas had to either shave his head bald or never shave his face for five years, which would he pick? His answer: “I love my hair. Let the scraggly, ‘Children, would you like some candy from my van?’ beard commence!” Shocking. Shocking, I tell you! I chose shave his head bald, but apparently, I was dead wrong. See, Thomas loathes facial hair – loathes it. This is why you will never see him with any sort of beard or even stubble. But – and this is news to me – he LOVES his hair. He is proud of the fact that he still has a full head of it. Ha!
  16. If Thomas had to eat one fruit for one year as his only dessert, which would he pick: oranges or grapes? His answer: “I would probably take oranges if that includes clementines.” I was right. Boy loves his vitamin C in the winter. What would you pick? His answer: “I think Belle would take grapes.” Eh, I like both, but would slightly prefer oranges. Although fruit as my only dessert for one year? I think we have deeper issues here.

I didn’t quite ace the test, but I got enough right to obtain permission to marry Thomas. Woot! And I even got a special button as my prize:

That says "Hello Mrs. Wilburn. October 22, 2011." Apparently they made a button for Thomas' mom? (Just kidding.)

Thank you to my awesome friends who made this weekend so special. They are the best ever!


Most of you know about National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). But did you know that there’s also a NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month? It’s true. But unlike NaNoWriMo, which is every November, NaBloPoMo can be any month. And I’ve decided that this month – the month in which I am quitting the job I’ve had for five years and then getting married – is going to be NaBloPoMo. It’s ridiculous, I know, but I like to do these things to myself. And really, I know that this might be a big newsflash, but I’m not posting anything revelatory or thought-provoking here. It’s a blog full of the inane and unimportant details. I write here to keep my friends and family updated – not to make a living. It’s actually pretty easy to come up with things to post here. I just need to do it!

It looks like a positively gorgeous weekend coming up, and I cannot wait! Spending tonight and part of tomorrow with my dearest girlfriends for some quality time. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this perfect fall weather.

Crazy Pet Lady: New Kitty House

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a little nervous about how our five and a half year old tortoiseshell cat, Neko, is going to act on our cross country road trip. I’m guessing she will probably not fare well. Thankfully, our wonderful vet, Dr. Sunny House, is all about drugging her. I am okay with that.

We registered for a new carrier, since the plastic one we originally bought for her is much too small now. I chose a soft one, since I’d like her to be as comfortable as possible during the 10-12 hour days on the road.

Our friend Carly was nice enough to buy the carrier for us (plus a new dog bed for Wallace!). I took it out of its packaging and set it down on the couch. Within five seconds, I kid you not, Neko had already sidled up to it and was sniffing it. I left the living room, and 30 seconds later, she had already settled into the carrier.

Neko has the ability to find anything – the littlest thing – out of the ordinary in the apartment, and very quickly. If it’s new and interesting, she will go out of her way to screw with it. I guess that’s what happens when you spend all day, every day getting to know the same 800 square feet. She, like most cats, also LOVES bags. Loves clawing at them, crawling into them, snuggling up inside them. One night a few months ago, we could not find her ANYWHERE in the apartment, even after checking her favorite hiding spots. There aren’t that many, really, because it’s such a small space. Imagine my growing terror the more and more we called for her, and she wouldn’t come out, despite shaking her beloved treat bag multiple times. This is very unusual for her – she is not at all a hidey cat, especially when you offer her food. I was just about to get the flashlight out so we could hunt for her outside, with panicked tears in my eyes (our indoor cat would die IMMEDIATELY upon setting foot outdoors, I know it) – when she sauntered casually out of our bedroom closet. I checked in there at least ten times and could not figure out how I missed her each time. Turns out that I left my big suitcase unzipped, and she had managed to squeeze her large body into it. Argh!