#9 on the DC Bucket List: Visit friends in Philadelphia

Philly’s a great town. I try to get up there about once a year, to hang out with close college friends, Doris and Adrian. This time, I convinced Kim and Matt to join in on the fun. It was awesome. Kim and Doris are my two best friends. We hardly ever get the chance to spend time with each other, so this was lovely!

We did the following: crafted for a few hours (and boy oh boy, these napkin rings are so adorable!); ate Mexican food at a place with amazing, well-sized margaritas for $4.50; devoured fantastic coffee gelato at Capogiro; watched a horrible, HORRIBLE Jake Gyllenhaal/Anne Hathaway/Anne Hathaway’s boobs movie; visited the Edgar Allan Poe house; purchased my very own National Parks passport; ate lunch at PYT (resulting in lots of singing to Michael Jackson); checked out the Italian Market; saw the Liberty Bell (and got another stamp for my passport); ate vegan pizza and cheesesteaks (and apparently pissed off the girl working there by having the audacity to call ahead and see if we needed reservations); went to the free Dr. Dog concert; and then ate scrumptious pancakes for breakfast on Sunday.

It seemed like everywhere we went, there were hipsters. Lots and lots of hipsters. Maybe we like the same things they do. Or maybe we are wannabes.

I should also mention that I read this particular woman’s fashion blog, and she lives in Philly. I won’t say who because I’m shy. But I will say that she’s super pretty and I even stalked her wedding photos. Anyway, I totally saw her at that Mexican restaurant. I didn’t have the guts to say hello, of course.  But what are the odds?

I am attempting to do 25 items on my DC Bucket List before the move to Seattle, and document them here.


4 thoughts on “#9 on the DC Bucket List: Visit friends in Philadelphia

  1. Love Philly and love love love Capogiro. Also, I saw that movie you’re talking about, and I agree, it was TERRIBLE. 🙂 You should message me the name of that blog you’re referring to, har har….

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