What’s Been Going On, Lately

Other than Hurricane Irene mania, you mean? (Which, incidentally, I’m in much denial about – but I have a feeling it won’t be fun and games like Floyd was freshman year of college.)

We are now officially less than two months out from the wedding, and three months from the move. It’s all a little bit freaky, but I’m trying hard to take everything in stride. All anyone ever talks to me about (not that I mind, seriously) is getting married and/or moving, lately, and I apologize if that’s deathly boring but you feel obligated to ask me about it anyway. Heh. But really, everyone has been super supportive and excited for us, which makes me feel warm inside.


Ever since we got 99% of the invitations out, I’ve been blissfully ignoring all things wedding craft related, but I know that reverie can’t last much longer. There. is. so. much. to. do. But, we’ll manage. Especially since a ton of people are helping/willing to help. Yay for family and friends who are happy to go along with this crazy DIY wedding.

Lots of things to talk about. The invitations! The napkins we’re sewing by hand! My last Saturday morning Step class, and how this might be the end of my short-lived stint as a gym instructor! Updated DC Bucket List! How I don’t fit into my wedding dress, and not in a good way (gah)! Decluttering the apartment like a maniac! The futile job search!

It’s about to get cuh-razy up in here.


3 thoughts on “What’s Been Going On, Lately

  1. I loved your invitations! Except, wait, present tense, I still love them! I look forward to hearing all about the cuh-razyness that is bound to happen over the next few months!!

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