My First Finished Object!

Some of you may recall that I started knitting again around Memorial Day. A couple of months later, after starting many projects, I can finally present my first ever Finished Object (as they are called in the knitting world – FO for short).

It’s a gift for someone very special. Teehee. I hope she likes it!

The shawl is Ishbel, and it’s actually the most popular pattern on Ravelry. I can see why – it’s relatively simple, quick (that is, if you don’t dawdle for weeks like I did), and the outcome is just so pretty. You should have seen me on Wednesday night, after binding off, when I could finally hold up the full width of the shawl in front me. I was freaking. Out. At 12 o’clock at night. My cat was very curious about my strange behavior. But man,  I’m really proud of making something so pretty with my own hands. I totally understand now why so many people are obsessed with knitting, and homemade crafts in general.

On the horizon: many more knitted gifts, plus my own wedding shawl. It’s orange. I really like it so far. Eep!


6 thoughts on “My First Finished Object!

  1. OMG, Belle. It is gorgeous!!!!! You should be very please and proud. I am so jealous. I wish I could knit. Bring it on the 21st to share with me. That is if you can. If you are holding it to give the special person later, I’ll see it then. I love it!

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