The Route

2 adults. 1 dog. 1 cat. 1 Subaru Impreza. 5 cities. 6 days. 3,888 miles.

We leave in late November, which is why we’re taking the long way through parts of the south and southwest. I worry about driving through blizzards and the like, so I think it’s better to play it safe through warmer climes. I also wish that we could make this a more leisurely road trip (honeymoon!), but our darling pets will be with us. It wouldn’t be so bad with just Wallace, but little Neko will be very, very freaked out. I think it will be wise to get to Seattle as quickly as possible.

Obviously, all our furniture and other crap won’t fit in the Subaru. We’re planning on packing up a storage unit and hiring someone to drive it across the country. This makes me nervous (I am just a nervous person, can you tell?), but I feel much better about that than driving a big ass truck ourselves.


4 thoughts on “The Route

  1. Exciting! That’s almost the same route I took west to east, except I came from Los Angeles, of course. Prepare to be extremely bored once you reach Amarillo, Texas. There’s a whole lot of nothing in the Southwest, except for parts of New Mexico, where the rock formations are amazing. And since you’re going through Nevada instead of up through California, there’s even less to see there. But taking the 5 up through California isn’t spectacular or anything. It’s mostly just farmland.

    • Oooh, good to know! Yeah, sadly, most of this route is probably going to be really boring. But that’s ok. It’ll be an adventure no matter what.

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