Photo Dump: Week of June 30th

Lately, I’ve been taking at least one photo with my phone each day. I’ve been really into this since I downloaded the awesome Android app, Vignette. (I’ve tried them all, and I really think Vignette is the best.) Yeah, I know the whole distressed, vintage looking photo thing is super trendy right now. But I can’t help it. I love, love, love how these photos turn out!

6.30.11: My boss received a gorgeous hydrangea plant.

7.1.11: Amanda and her new bike! Awesome fact - she got the very same one as me. Bike twins!

7.2.11: Stacy, Sophie, and Dave. Sophie is two now, and a bundle of energy!

7.2.11: Brown butter waffles. Seriously the best thing ever. I was going to take a picture of the cooked waffles, but I ate them too quickly.

7.4.11: Iwo Jima

7.5.11: Work baby shower for Suzie!

7.6.11: Baby hat! I'm not usually a fan of WACKY colored yarns like this one, but knitting this delights me to no end.

I’m going to try to do this each week. Nothing like a lazy, easy way to create a post!


4 thoughts on “Photo Dump: Week of June 30th

    • Aghh, had to rip out the hat just now, but I’m starting over! It’s for one of the many cute babies I know. 🙂 Have to be vague in case the momma is reading this!

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