Click. Clack.

I played with one of these last night:

Granted, this is not the best photo, but you can tell how beautiful she is, right? Or am I just that dorky? I derived so much pleasure from tap-tap-tapping away on those keys last night – before I knew it, it was 11 pm and I had not showered from my step class 6 hours earlier. Oops.

The typewriter is a Smith-Corona Skyriter from the 1950s. It’s portable and lightweight – in fact, it was designed to be taken on the road. It still has its original case – a brown, classic, and musty old thing.

Now, while I am generally a fan of the idea and aesthetic of vintage, I am actually quite boring when it comes to what I buy and own. I like things that are new and modern. Yawn, right? For instance, I badly desired a “vintage bike” for the longest time. When I finally took the plunge to purchase this long-awaited wish list item, in May – I discovered that I didn’t actually want something old and potentially falling apart. Bleh, old things. Bleh, repairs. Bleh, things with personality and history. So I ended up with a brand new, totally modern bicycle that just LOOKS old-timey and vintage. I know. Cheater! That’s how I roll, though, and I’m okay with that.

That was a totally roundabout way of saying that I don’t usually bring old things into the house and toy with them for hours at a time. Typing on the Skyriter is a totally foreign experience for me. It freaks me out that the thing is twice my age. It makes me want to imagine all of the different people who have typed on it. A young writer working on his first novel? An elegantly dressed secretary typing up letters? It’s sort of funny that old typewriters immediately make me think of Mad Men.

So, I never explained why I’m tinkering with the Skyriter to begin with, eh? Well, I don’t want to reveal too much here, but let’s just say that it will be cranking out some wedding invitations in the near future. Wh-wh-what? Yes, indeed. That is the sound of me doing all of our wedding invitations by hand (or technically, by key). It’s a good GREAT thing this is going to be such a small wedding, and the guest list is totally manageable. Even then, I love doing this kind of stuff. You may know that I am obsessed with anything paper. I never considered for a second that anyone other than me would be creating our wedding invitations. Well, except maybe for that day or two that I was lured into the world of pretty, pretty pre-made wedding invitations. I managed to pry myself away, thank goodness.

I will most likely post a little sneak preview of the finished invites before they go out in the mail, but again, I don’t want to spoil too much before August 21st!


5 thoughts on “Click. Clack.

  1. I love looking at old things and imagining the adventures they’ve had and the things they’ve seen! I once came across this old, very bedraggled copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and I love every crumbly piece of it. I took it home immediately.

  2. This is very cool! I love the idea of typing them yourself. Can’t wait to see them and the paper you picked out. I have the brayer and am going to pick up a few more supplies for us tomorrow. Looking forward to Saturday. I have some goodies to show you too!

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